About Us

Nyansapo (Wisdom Know)

This adinkra symbol from Ghana, West Afrika represents the wisdom know. It is asserted that the knot of wisdom can only be untied by the wise. This is the chosen symbol of our organization because we recognize that only with keen insight and understanding can we address the various psychological, emotional and spiritual knots in our lives. Our professionals guide people to rediscover and manifest their wisdom to address their life challenges.

Nyansapo Knot

About us 

 Nyansapo Empowerment Works Unlimited, Inc (NEWU, Inc.) is a counseling and consultancy firm led by Mwata Kairi (Kevin Washington), Ph.D. The firm’s philosophy is that all people are born for a significant purpose. This Florida based firm operates in Orlando, FL, Washington, DC and Banjul, Gambia in West Afrika. Its aim is to positively impact the progress of humanity  

Often in the process of handling life’s daily challenges people lose complete awareness of their unique purpose for being on earth. It is also within the context of living and meeting daily challenges that one’s purpose is revealed. We strive to increase awareness of the greatness that is within by making people conscious of their purpose and power. At NEWU, Inc. we:

  • Assist people with tapping into their innate capacity to live life with purpose and power. We do this by delivering culturally competent, motivational and empowerment consulting and counseling services
  • Seek to integrate every aspect of the person in a holistic manner so that they may manifest their full power. We do this by conducting a personal life assessment and counseling services. 
  • Strive to support individuals in enhancing their professional life by addressing work productivity and vision attainment; relationships by enhancing couples’ communication and intimacy; in families with improving relationship and establishing family goals; in educational settings by improving working relationships and enhancing the academic performance of administrators and students respectively; in Black men by elevating the Warrior Spirit. 

Manifesting Greatness

When a person connects with their profound purpose for being, they are better able to positively impact the universe and manifest their greatness. People then become highly effective, efficient and enlightened. They feel more competent and capable to assist not only themselves but others in living powerfully because “Only Empowered People Can Empower People.”

Our Mission

NEWU, Inc is committed to restoring power to those who feel powerless and to awakening the personal will within people to manifest their greatness. We do this by connecting them with their innate essence to bring about a new reality. We contend that all people were brought into being to fill a specific void within the universe and that only they can do what they have been ordained to do. NEWU, Inc. is about reconnecting people to their Source of Power so that they can be the profound beings that they were created to be. By connecting with their Power Source people will experience financial, spiritual, physical and psychological liberation. To this end we seek to:

  • Reconnect people with their Divine greatness.
  • Reconstitute within people a sense of purpose for their lives.
  • Reinvigorate life people through sharing the wisdom of the Ancestors.
  • Remind people of their purpose to positively impact the universe.
  • Restore the capacity to work through challenging situations as well as to persevere through adversity.
  • Assist people with actualizing their innate capacity to be and become more powerful.

What we Provide

We provide culturally responsive wholisitic mental health counseling. We have a complete offering of psychological, psycho-spiritual and mind-body healing services. The belief is that optimal functioning in life entails every aspect of our being – Mind, Body and Spirit. Guided by ancient psycho-spiritual principles for wholistic living the Nyansapo Counseling and Consultation provides services that will enhance the well-being of clients so that they may have optimal life and experience renwed Health, Wealth and Prosperity.

Our commitment

We contend that all people come into being for a profound/Divine purpose. As people matriculate throughout their lives many aspects of their Divine purpose is lost. Aspects of it becomes evident in some of their daily behaviors however full contact with their purpose is often difficult to access due to hustling and struggling to make a living. Having to meet various life challenges is a necessity which is best facilitated by one being in touch with their essence and their true purpose. NEWU, Inc. is committed to assisting people with tapping into their innate capacity to live life with purpose, passion and power through delivering culturally competent motivational and counseling and consulting services. 

Our Goal

We seek to integrate every aspect of the person in a holistic manner so that one may manifest full power. NEWU, Inc. professionals seek to assist inpiduals with enhancing their personal and professional lives by leading people to tap into their inherent strength and knowledge. In businesses we assist with increasing work productivity as well as issues association working relationships. In counseling we assist individuals with feeling connected internally and externally.  We support couples with enhancing intimacy within their relationships. We guide families in improving communication and establishing family mission statements. In educational settings we assist academic stakeholders with administration and student related issues around improving working relationships and enhancing academic performance.

Our Belief:

We believe that when people connect with their profound purpose for being they are better able to connect with others and thereby powerfully impact the universe by manifesting their greatness. When one lives on and in purpose one feels highly effective,  more competent and empowered to live life fully.  In this fullness one is better able to assist others as they assist themselves do live their greatness because “Only Empowered People Can Empower People.”