Services Provided

We are Global Leaders in provider of culturally-competent psychological/counseling services, life coaching and consultutation.

It is known that many challenges can best be addressed by sensitivityto our own unique needs. Often these needs have been influenced by our experiences in the world.  Nyansapo Empowerment places cultural competence at the core of all services provided. There is an emphasis on a Culturally-Sensitive (Afrikan-Centered) approach to our spiritually grounded service delivery, as our founder is aleading professional in the areas of Multicultural and Afrikan-Centered Psychology. All practitioners possess deep knowledge into cultural healing practices of the world including Africa, Asia and Europe. Our services include the following:   

  • Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Couples and Marriage Psychotherapy
  • Family Counseling
  • Pre-marital Counseling/Divorce Counseling
  • Sport Psychology
  • Educational Consultation
  • Drum Circles (Corporate and Communal)
  • Workshops/Trainings (Community Teambuilding)


Unique Healing Approach

Nyansapo Empowerment is the first practice/organization to offer services utilizing Ubuntu Psychology and Psychotherapy techniques. Ubuntu is a Zulu word meaning profound humanity that is connected to all things. This model of therapy is being offered through Nyansapo Empowerment. The model holds that all things are interconnected and that holistic functioning occurs within the context of one understanding their essential connections with others. The Ubuntu approach is specifically developed to restore optimal functioning to individuals and groups in all aspects of their lives. This holistic approachaddresses the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Ubuntu has special untility within our community with respect to social justice, equity partnership and enhanced human relations given that it has been the guiding principle informing the healing of post-Apartheid South Africa. Ubuntu speaks to the idea of community and person holism. It acknowledges that all humanity is tied together and thus elevation in life is predicated on the respect of that connectedness. As we honor ubuntu we are able to enjoy profound peace, power and prosperity. 

Psychotherapy/Healing and Community Specialty

Although the focus of our practice is adults,we do provide services to youth and adolescents as young as 10 years of age under special conditions. Services are provided to members of all cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds.

Specialty areas include:

  • Cultural Trauma Healing; Persistent Enslavement Systemic Trauma (PEST) Healing
  • Spirit/Mindful Drumming (Corporate/Community Relationship Enhancement)
  • Life Transitions/Personal Growth/Spirit Transformation/Stress Reduction/Management
  • Relationship Enhancement (Personal/Community)/Anxiety/Depression
  • Optimal Diet and Exercise/ Kemetic/Egytian Yoga
  • Black Love/Marriage & Relationships
  • Black Fatherhood/Black Man and Boys Mental Health

Optimal Coaching:

  • Life Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Black Love Coaching


  • Community Team-building (Ubuntu Community Relationship Development)
  • Ubuntu Healing/Psychology
  • Black Love: Empowering Black Relationships to Succeed
  • Parenting in a Cultural Context
  • Counseling Black men and boys