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Depression and Anxiety Increase among African Americans in 2020

Spikes in Depression and Anxiety among African Americans in 2020

Boris L. Henson Foundation Provides Virtual Therapy for Underserved Communities

Taraji P. Henson's Foundation Offers Free Virtual Therapy for Underserved Communities

Addressing the Stigma of Mental Health in the Black Community

National Mental Health Alliance addresses the Stigma Mental Health in the Black Community

The Healing Power of Drumming

The therapeutic aspect of drumming discussed...

Communication Habits that End Relationships

Language of love that must be attended to...

Ways Black Men Avoid Feeling

Learning to feel less helpless in the waiting zone...


The Psychology of Mass Protest
The dynamics of mass protests and the psychology effect of such are powerful...

Treating Anxiety Naturally

Feeling overwhelmed makes it hard to care for others...

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