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Relationships can be a source of great joy and/or a contributor to much pain in our lives. How fulfilling an intimate relationship becomes is dependent upon how we love and treat ourselves as well as how we value the dynamic aspect of Soul or inner essence. A truly satisfying relationship with another person starts with how we relate to our own soul. Our inner essence, which is housed in our physical body, formed by the Creator, and called into existence by Divine will, longs for an expression on the physical plane that is amplified through a spiritual connection with others. When the union of spirits occurs it is called a spiritual relationship. We strive to promote the growth and development of strong, vibrant and loving relationships.

The Power of Relationships

In relationships, we can experience new dimensions of ourselves or we can allow ourselves to become diminished. The way in which relationships function in our lives is truly up to how relate to ourselves. Black Love Coaching is grounded in the ancient wisdom that we are led to relationships so that we can grow and so our purpose for being on earth is fulfilled. We see relationships as ways for us to grow spiritually, intellectually and emotionally. Our coaches push people grow in order to have a fulfilling and joy-filled life. Black Love Coaching is aware of the cultural nuances of Black life they may positively and negatively impact relationships between Black men and Black women. Black Love Coaches are here to facilitate optimal energy and spirit exchange in loving relationships. We are here charge Black Love 365.


Coaching is designed to enhance people's lives through assisting them with bringing out their in born potential. Relationship coaching assists people with healing and having optimal relationships. Our philosophy is that we all can benefit from support and insight from persons who possess knowledge and expertise with a given skill set. We are here to assist you have the loving relationship that you desire. All sessions are conducted by phone unless otherwise specified.

Couples Coaching (Start the healing and get back to loving)

$75.00 per coaching session with a three-session minimum (30-minutes in length)

$355.00 for three consecutive months of couples coaching (package includes two 30-minute coaching sessions per month, and discount on webinars for three months)

$575.00 for six consecutive months of couples coaching. (package includes two 30-minute coaching sessions per month, 2 online Black Love Talk and discount on webinars for 6 months)

Black Love Coach Webinars

Interactive online webinars are offered to provide individuals and couples with information that is to influence optimal development in their relationship.

$20.00 per webinar, per person. Sessions lasts 35-minutes (with approximately 15-minutes Q & A) Periodic webinars on select topics are presented upon request/interests

Black Love Talk

This is a quarterly online news letter that is aimed at promoting optimal love in relationships. Dr. Washington along with guest authors share content that aims to fortify relationships with life altering information. Black Love Talk focuses on dynamics of Black relationships throughout the Afrikan Diaspora and on the continent of Afrika. Subscribers receive periodic relationship booster in the form of affirmations and exercises.

Webinar and Speaking Topics (inconclusive)

  • Enhancing Spiritual Intimacy in Relationships Part 1/Part 2 

The process of maintaining and sustaining healthy relationship is one filled with much growth and many learning opportunities. When relationships are seen as spirit-driven then all of these challenges can be experienced as moments of personal evolution that enhances one’s spiritual journey. This workshop looks at ways to enhance spirit in every aspect of a couple’s life from sex to finances.

  • Soul-mate Submission: The Process of Divine Mate Selection 

Determining when one has found Mr. or Ms. Right is difficult given the complexities of current society. This workshop helps people to engage in self-exploration and to see themselves as being on a spiritual journey. By so doing they will learn how to be in tune with spirit to know when to submit to spirit and to grow through joining with their soul-mate.

  • Understanding the Male/Female Complimentarity: An African-Centered Perspective

In life there exists dualities, poles or pairs, which operate in different extremes. At times these are called the union of opposites; however, they are not truly opposites but rather complements or aspects of that which bring about some degree of completeness to the other attribute. This is accurately known as the Principle of Polarity. Men and women get the chance to explore ways to harmonize the masculine/feminine aspects of them in order to build healthy relationships with each other in this workshop.

Additional relationship presentation topics that are offered when the demand for them is high.

  • Good Sex, Good Love, Good Vibrations and Good Relationships
  • The Healing Power of Black Love
  • Healing the Hurt of Relationships
  • What is Divine Manhood and Womanhood?
  • The Sacredness of Sexuality vs The Booty Call Syndrome
  • Umoja (Unity): Restoration of Ancestral Memories for Holistic Male/Female Relationships
  • Divine Enlightenment: Unmasking the myths of sex
  • Sustaining Satisfying Relationships
  • The Cycles and Energy Levels of Divine Relationships
  • How to Make a Marriage Fail: Keys to Destroying a Good Marital Relationship

Theme: SCRIPTS (Socio-Cultural Relationship Intrapersonal Patterns, Thoughts and Scenarios) and Black Relationships

SCRIPT Workshops occur across several days generally in the form of a retreat. The aim is to fortify relationships by recognizing relationship communication patterns that challenge the health of the marriage/relationship. The focus is placed on heterosexual relationship.

Session (example)

Flip the SCRIPTS: Pointing the Way to Healthy Relationships for African Americans

Presenters: Kevin Washington, Ph.D.

Rationale: Black relationships are encountering an extreme amount of challenges. According the Dr. Washington these challenges are exacerbated due to our inability to see relationships as growth opportunities rather than stagnate zones that provide perpetual pleasure. A compounding issue is that we enter into relationships with a script that we expect our partners to ascribe to that will satisfy a fantasy or thought that we had about marriage/relationship. Dr. Townsend asserts that this script is most often unspoken thus creating challenges in relationships. This session reveals to identify scripts that may influence relationship communication patterns.


Retreats can be set up request

Black Love Cruise (TBA)

Black Love Retreat (Gambia, St. Croix, Jamaica, Barbados) To be established upon request

About the Leader

Kevin Washington, Ph.D. is licensed African-Centered psychologist, relationship coach, and ordained minister, who has served as a behavioral consultant for TVOne News, Essence Magazine, Black Entertainment Television (BET) News, and other national and international organizations. He is the author of The Power of Black Love: Secrets to Black Relationship Success Revealed and Get up, Stand Up: Elevating the Warrior Spirit in Black Men and Boys set for early 2022 and mid 2021 release respectfully. As the creator of Ubuntu Psychotherapy his life is devoted to assisting people to step into their divine right to be and to become more powerful.